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Carton Erectors/Formers

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Equipment that forms cartons by erecting and forming flat blanks into a primary package. Looking at new cartoning, case packing, and multipacking machines? Learn more about what to look for in your next purchase.

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More on Carton Erectors/Formers

Carton erectors and formers are an integral part of modern production lines, and their use cases span across industries. From CPG to pharmaceuticals and beyond, they enhance speed, efficiency, and safety in the packaging process. Within the cartoning systems category, the selection of available machinery is quite broad, with many being customizable, enabling businesses to choose solutions that best fit their specific needs and budget. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the more common types and their potential applications. We’ll start with straight carton erectors. This type of cartoning equipment utilizes a conveyor belt to smoothly move boxes into the erector, which forms the box into the programmed shape. Their adaptable design makes them easy to use, and accelerates the entire process, making them the consummate solution for large-scale production. Similar in function, there are lock-style carton formers. These carton forming machines are designed to assemble both the bottom and top of the box, creating a strong, robust seal that won’t come undone under the often volatile conditions of shipping and handling. They’re perfect for products that require a little extra protection. If manufacturers require an even greater level of protection for fragile or unusually-shaped items, they might opt for a vacuum-assisted carton former. This machine type uses a vacuum to form the carton into the exact shape and size of the product, creating a tight fit to prevent the comotion of transport from damaging the contents. Yet another sort, there exist hot-melt carton formers, which are specially-designed for the task of sealing cartons and creating tamper-evident packages. This type of machine works with an optimal level of precision and speed, while installing a tight seal that deters against product tampering. Of course, a proper introduction to cartoning machinery wouldn’t be complete without one of the most popular, contemporary topics of discussion: fully-automatic carton formers. Automation & IIoT have become ubiquitous and near mandatory throughout the industry, taking the process one step further by including robotic components, to allow for the packaging of multiple products at once. These machines work in lock-step with other advanced & autonomous pieces of machinery in the production process, helping manufacturers increase their output without the need for additional staff. No matter the product, companies can find the right carton erecting or forming systems to suit their needs. From improving the bottom line, to implementing an additional means by which package integrity is bolstered, these so-called primary packaging machines merit due consideration for your production lines. Continue to explore the different cartoning and erecting equipment types, and their respective suppliers right here on PMMI’s ProSource directory.
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