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Pad/Partition Inserters/Dispensers

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Equipment that dispenses and/or vertically loads paperboard partitions into formed cases in order to place compartmentalized dividers into which glass bottles will later be loaded. Looking at new cartoning, case packing, and multipacking machines? Learn more about what to look for in your next purchase.

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A pad/partition inserter/dispenser is a complex machine that’s designed to perform multiple functions simultaneously. They’re capable of quickly and accurately inserting pre-made pads and partitions into containers, especially shipping cases. Pads and partitions are inserted into cases to isolate and protect products and packages from slipping, breaking, or being shuffled within a case during shipment. This class of packaging machinery’s primary function is to improve efficiency in the packaging line. Previously, pads and partitions were manually inserted into cases and other containers, a time-consuming and often error-laden process. The advent of these machines has dramatically streamlined this process, greatly mitigating the risk of error, and boosting efficiency by dispensing items directly onto a conveyor belt, making it much easier for manufacturers and packagers to transport products from point A to point B. The use of pad/partition inserter/dispensers is not limited to just one industry. They’re used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, healthcare and food production. In the automotive industry, for example, they insert pads and partitions into containers that hold spare car parts. In the healthcare and food industries, they are used to insert pads into containers that hold medical equipment and packaged or fresh food products. One of the prime advantages of using pad/partition inserter/dispensers is that they can handle a wide range of products of different shapes and sizes. This makes them incredibly versatile and essential to many manufacturing or packaging process lines. Their impressive accuracy also allows for consistent and high quality results. Another advantage of these machines is that they’re incredibly easy to use. Once the machine is installed, it can run continuously without the need for any human intervention. This can save the manufacturer a great deal of time and money. Pad/partition inserter/dispensers have become an essential tool in packaging and manufacturing. They’ve brought the way in which packaging is handled to the modern era, and have contributed to the efficiency and accuracy of the process at large. Used in a wide range of industries, they’re incredibly versatile, making them suitable for handling different products of varying shapes and sizes. If you’re thinking about adding a pad/partition inserter/dispenser to your packaging process line, PMMI’s ProSource directory is the go-to destination to find quality, vetted equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Start laying the groundwork today.
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