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Handle/Carrier Applicators

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Machinery that erects any type of packaging carrier apparatus, such as equipment that applies plastic carriers onto six-packs of beer cans or machines that erect paperboard flats into six-pack carrying cases for glass bottles of soda. Looking at new cartoning, case packing, and multipacking machines? Learn more about what to look for in your next purchase.

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Handle and carrier applicators are machines that automate the process of attaching handles or carriers to products such as bottles, bags or boxes. These machines are specifically designed for a wide range of products with varying shapes and sizes, utilizing advanced technology and mechanisms to ensure that the application process is efficient, accurate and seamless. Carrier applicator machines that apply carriers to cans of beer have become ubiquitous with the growth of the craft brew industry. Handle machines are also used prominently for multipacking; think of a machine that applies a handle for two gallon jugs of water sold at a clubstore that makes it easier for the consumer to transport. For the packaging and manufacturing industry specifically, they have proven to be advantageous in many ways, increasing productivity, reducing labor costs and improving product quality. One of the primary benefits of handle and carrier applicators is their ability to improve production efficiency, applying handles or carriers to products at high speeds, depending on their size and shape. With this capability, manufacturers can significantly increase their output and meet production targets more efficiently in a consistent and uniform manner, reducing the need for manual labor and negating the risk of human error. Another significant advantage of handle and carrier applicators is their reduction of labor costs. Requiring minimal human intervention, they eliminate the need for additional labor. This has proven highly lucrative for companies, as the machines simply incur a one-time investment, providing lower production costs in the long run. Handle and carrier applicators also contribute to improved product quality. With the consistent and uniform application of handles and carriers, manufacturers can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing product that is easier to transport, which ultimately leads to happier customers. Furthermore, the machines are equipped with sensors that detect any defects in the application process, automatically ensuring a level of consistency. The use of handle and carrier applicators is not limited to a particular type of product or industry, either. In fact, they’re applicable to numerous products across industries, from beverage containers to shopping bags. With advancements in technology and plenty of customization options, there are seemingly limitless use cases. Handle and carrier applicators have also contributed greatly to eco-friendliness. They’ve become crucial in ensuring greater sustainability in packaging by using minimal materials, helping manufacturers meet increasing demands for greener products. By automating the application process, machines also minimize wastage, control the amount of material used and reduce the carbon footprint of every product. As a whole, handle and carrier applicators have revolutionized the packaging and manufacturing industry by making the overall process of handles and carriers more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly. They’ve become an essential tool that has proven advantageous to the industry, reducing human intervention, increasing productivity and ensuring product quality. If you’re looking for handle and carrier applicator machines, PMMI’s ProSource directory has vetted and verified suppliers and manufacturers, ready whenever you are.
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