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Baumer hhs

10570 Success Lane Dayton, OH 45458 United States

For more than 30 years, everything at Baumer hhs has revolved around dispensing adhesives in the packaging markets with the goal of meeting the high demands imposed by our customers and a changing market. No matter if you process and dispense cold glue or hot melt, or whether you want to verify adhesive position and the quality aspects of your products, you'll find the right solution at Baumer hhs! We aim to inspire our customers - with high-quality products and knowledgeable service personnel.

Specialty Equipment

Baumer hhs - Specialty Equipment Product Image

Baumer hhs manufactures cold glue and hot melt adhesive dispensing adhesives for the paper converting and packaging markets with the goal of meeting the high demands of customers in a dynamic market. Products include Baumer hhs' new tesla electrically-activated hot melt applicator that is capable of creating patterns using a standard 24VDC signal without the need for compressed air. Runs clean, quiet and extra-long with tesla. Suitable for applications such as case sealing, tray making, folding carton, envelopes, tobacco manufacturing, and pharmaceutical packaging.

See the Specialty Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Specialty Equipment

  • Adhesive Applicators

Package Types:

  • Rigid Bag-in-box for Liquids Package Type Icon
    Bag-in-box for Liquids
  • Semi-Rigid Brick Pack (Laminate) Package Type Icon
    Brick Pack (Laminate)
  • Rigid Carton (Folding) Package Type Icon
    Carton (Folding)
  • Rigid Carton (Gabletop) Package Type Icon
    Carton (Gabletop)
  • Rigid Cup, Bowl or Tub Package Type Icon
    Cup, Bowl or Tub
  • Semi-Rigid Sleeve Package Type Icon