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MoistTech Corp.

6408 Parkland Dr. Suite 104 Sarasota, FL 34243 United States

MoistTech Corp. holds the highest standard as the world’s leader in moisture control using NIR (Near Infrared) technology. Numerous years of engineering experience provides the expertise needed to outperform all other technologies. At MoistTech, we help you keep the moisture content of your product under control with our world class moisture analyzers. Increase your bottom line by reducing the scrap caused by excessive moisture during production and provide the immediate ability to make line adjustments to your moisture content in real-time to keep the line moving.

Process Inspection Equipment

MoistTech Corp. - Process Inspection Equipment Product Image

Too much or too little moisture are both a concern for snack food manufacturers as some food items are actually sold by weight. MoistTech offers moisture management systems including multiple sensor options for snack food to suit specific application needs including the standard IR3000 series and IR-3000-F series that is Nickel Plated to specifically allow for food environments where frequent wash downs occur and protects against corrosion and abrasion. The food grade sensor includes a Kel-F window in place of our standard glass.

See the Process Inspection Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Process Inspection Equipment

  • Process Analyzers


  • Automatic
  • Pilot/lab
  • Semi-automatic

QA Lab

MoistTech Corp. - QA Lab Product Image

MoistTech offers laboratory sensors including the 868 Sensor, featuring a removable, rotating sampling dish that was designed for rapid moisture determination of non-homogeneous products providing the most accurate true moisture reading. MoistTech’s IRMA 858 is the first moisture sensor to measure samples from the bottom up in a sealed, quartz container. MoistTech’s Moisture Balance (MB) series sensor is an affordable, primary lab method for measuring the moisture content in raw materials.

See the QA Lab page on this company's website.

Types of QA Lab

  • Lab Consumables
  • Lab Equipment


  • Pilot/lab