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Quest Industrial, LLC

303 N. 29th. Avenue Monroe, WI 53566 United States

Quest is a leading manufacturer of industrial automation equipment focusing on robotics and vision-guidance. With expertise in the food, beverage, and dairy markets, Quest optimizes floor space for customers experiencing growing demand and helps improve their overall production line flexibility and efficiency. Quest offers application-specific software on their robotic products, including pick and place, case packing, and palletizing systems to simplify system setup and streamline configurability. Quest is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Robotics & End of Line business line, Quest helps our packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package.

Material Handling

Quest Industrial, LLC - Material Handling Product Image

The Quest Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle (IAV) provides a smart, flexible solution to move product through the facility. With no need for any magnetic tape or other physical guides, and safe to work alongside other workers, the IAV paired with Quest’s Box Bot and Orion Stretch Wrapper to provide a cost-effective solution.

See the Material Handling page on this company's website.

Types of Material Handling

  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)


  • Robotic

Feeding & Inserting Equipment

Quest Industrial, LLC - Feeding & Inserting Equipment Product Image

Quest is a supplier of pick-and-place systems for inserting products into packages, cartons and cases, including robotic pick-and-place solutions for direct food handling such as the Quest QP100 family of systems. These versatile picking systems can load, orientate, stack and group products into a wide variety of primary packaging machines such as thermoformers, flow wrappers, and vacuum sealers. The QP100 robotic picking system can be designed to grip hard-to-handle products, such as poultry, meats and cheese, as well as virtually any other product shape. Quest Quik Pick QP200 is a robotic top load pick-and-place solution optimized for loading flexible packaging products in cartons and cases.

See the Feeding & Inserting Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Feeding & Inserting Equipment

  • Pick-and-Place

Package Types:

  • Flexible Bag Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Stand-up Pouch Package Type Icon
    Stand-up Pouch

Case Packing Equipment

Quest Industrial, LLC - Case Packing Equipment Product Image

Quest supplies a range of robotic case erecting and sealing equipment, as well as robotic top load case packing systems. The Quest Quik Pick QP200 is a robotic top load case packer optimized for products in flexible packaging. The Quik Pick uses the Fanuc vision system to identify, locate and track incoming products on the conveyor eliminating the need for complex infeed systems and minimizes changeover downtime. Quest's Quik Case Erector is designed for direct food handling washdown environments, constructed of 304 or 316 stainless and incorporates an open design for ease of maintenance and washdown. The Quik Case Sealer is a fully automatic case sealer for washdown environments that can be integrated with conveyor case weight management systems; it reaches speeds up to 20 cases/minute.

See the Case Packing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Case Packing Equipment

  • Case or Tray Erect/Load/Seal (Integrated)
  • Case or Tray Erectors & Formers
  • Case or Tray Loaders
  • Case Sealers


  • Automatic
  • Robotic

Package Types:

  • Flexible Bag Package Type Icon
  • Bulk/Industrial Lined Case Package Type Icon
    Lined Case
  • Flexible Pouch Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Stand-up Pouch Package Type Icon
    Stand-up Pouch


Quest Industrial, LLC - Palletizing Product Image

The Box Bot Series palletizing solution is available as a modular or skid-based solution with additional options available to produce countless solution possibilities. Modular engineering allows for quality control and complete flexibility in machine design for your application. No costly customization is required to meet requirements. Box Bot robotic palletizers feature a footprint starting at just 8’x10’ to fit into a standard truck.

See the Palletizing page on this company's website.

Types of Palletizing

  • Pallet Configuration Software
  • Palletizers (Robotic)


  • Bags
  • Cases
  • IIoT ready
  • PackML controls architecture
  • Tool-less changeover

Package Types:

  • Bulk/Industrial Large Bag Package Type Icon
    Large Bag
  • Bulk/Industrial Pail Package Type Icon

Pallet Conveying, Dispensers & Slip Sheets

Quest Industrial, LLC - Pallet Conveying, Dispensers & Slip Sheets Product Image

Quest's Qleen pallet conveyors are designed to meet almost all washdown applications, including the harshest. Conveyors are designed and manufactured in-house, allowing Quest to maintain high quality standards to meet each custom application. Since these pallet conveyors are typically additions to robotic cells, Quest is able to adjust the design and size of the pallet to meet your specific application needs.

See the Pallet Conveying, Dispensers & Slip Sheets page on this company's website.

Types of Pallet Conveying, Dispensers & Slip Sheets

  • Pallet Conveyors & Turntables


  • Automatic

Additional Offerings

Additional offerings can be found on the Quest Industrial, LLC website

Quest sets itself apart from all the others with distinguishing features including proprietary software, systems and support. Quest is known for integrating innovation with industry and is a leader in the packaging industry. Not only does Quest offer proven reliable equipment, we also develop unique services that make our solutions the most cost-effective, user-friendly, long-lasting and supported on the market.

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