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Scott Automation

2205 Beltway Boulevard Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28214 United States

At Scott, our market-leading technology is transforming industries by replacing dangerous, dirty and repetitive manual processes with cost-effective, productive and safe automation. With a proven reputation for engineering excellence and quality, we solve complex problems with smart products and solutions that strengthen customer operations and help future-proof their success. With a focus on industries including meat processing, materials handling, and industrial automation, our diverse expertise make us the first choice for hundreds of the world's leading brands. Our solutions are redefining end-to-end automation and cover all stages from design through to commissioning and service and everything in between. Whether developing new technologies, creating smart products or providing ongoing support, we always deliver for our customers.

Controls, Software & Components

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Scott Automation supplies the Maestro+ software solution to boost the overall performance for automated production or warehouse applications. It is "web-based, efficient, low cost, user friendly, multilingual and fully modular," reports co. The software consists of a core system, which is the heart of the system that manages and exchanges all master data with other systems, including ERP, SCM, MES, and PLC. In addition, various modules are available that can be connected to the core system independently of each other. These modules make it possible to develop a customized Maestro+ total package. Only buy what is needed at the time of the integration, without impeding future adjustments or organizational growth considerations. Benefits include: better real-time overview, a reduction of operator handling time, minimized paperwork, and reduction of mispicks. The Maestro+ module can be used to control automated palletizing systems from Alvey/Scott or another provider, as well as warehouse control systems for conveyors, automatic storage and retrieval systems, order preparation tools, AGVs and more.

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Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Production/Operations Software