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Ska Fabricating

545 Turner Dr Ste A Durango, CO 81303-6827 United States

Ska Fabricating designs and builds reliable, automated packaging line equipment that is hand-crafted to make craft businesses’ lives easier.

Specialty Equipment

Ska Fabricating - Specialty Equipment Product Image

Ska Fabricating manufactures pre-fill container rinsers as well as post-fill can rinsing and drying equipment. Machines include the Twist Rinse can rinser, which integrates with Ska's can depalletizers, custom height depalletizers and the new mobile depalletizers, with twist rinse cages that invert the cans as they come off the conveyor from the depalletizer and rinses cans using water. Other products include the Zero Footprint Rinser and the Ionized Air Rinser.

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Types of Specialty Equipment

  • Container Cleaning & Sanitizing Machines

Package Types:

  • Rigid Can or Canister Package Type Icon
    Can or Canister


Ska Fabricating - Palletizing Product Image

Ska Fabricating supplies repalletizers for can line operations in a variety of configurations to match the speed, height and amount of automation required. All repalletizers can be ordered in half height or full height sizes. Semi-Auto repalletizers run up to 220 cans per minute depending on the conveyor size. The Full-Auto repalletizer runs at speeds up to 600 cans per minute. All palletizers can be used with full height or custom height palletizing equipment depending on location and ceiling height.

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Types of Palletizing

  • Pallet Configuration Software
  • Palletizers (Robotic)


  • Containers


Ska Fabricating - Depalletizing Product Image

Ska Fabricating manufactures depalletizers for can and bottle filling lines. Ska’s can depalletizers are designed for reliable automation for lines running cans anywhere from 10 to 600 containers/min. Ska’s Can Depalletizer is their original, small footprint, semi-automated depalletizer, designed with space and cost in mind and capable of depalletizing multiple sized packages of aluminum and metal containers. Other depalletizers include the Nimbus, combining the features from two of Ska’s best-selling machines for a low-cost depalletizer optimized for small spaces and lower speed applications. Magic Bus is designed for high-speed operations with minimum operator involvement on lines running from 25 to 600 containers/min.

See the Depalletizing page on this company's website.

Types of Depalletizing

  • Depalletizers (Mechanical)