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Soft Robotics

32 Crosby Drive, Suite 101 Bedford, MA 01730 United States

Soft Robotics is an industry-leading technology company that designs and builds automated picking solutions using proprietary soft robotic grippers, 3D machine vision and artificial intelligence software. The company’s transformational robotic automation solutions enable picking of single and bulk products at high speeds – solving supply chain issues and eliminating the reliance of human workers to maintain operational efficiencies. With hundreds of systems in daily operation worldwide, our picking technology has achieved billions of successful picks in global production facilities.

Feeding & Inserting Equipment

Soft Robotics - Feeding & Inserting Equipment Product Image

Soft Robotics' mGripAI™ is an easy-to-integrate automation solution combining 3D vision, soft grasping, and artificial intelligence (AI) software that together solve the largest food and consumer goods production challenges facing the world today. This unprecedented combination of robotic “hands,” “eyes” and “brains” enables the high-speed automation of bulk picking processes (e.g. bin picking).

See the Feeding & Inserting Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Feeding & Inserting Equipment

  • Pick-and-Place


  • Loose
  • Robotic

End-of-Arm Tooling

Soft Robotics - End-of-Arm Tooling Product Image

The mGrip modular gripping system from Soft Robotics is a suite of configurable soft grippers and controller products that enables reliable, high-speed picking of traditionally hard-to-grasp items in the food processing industry. mGrip’s proven soft gripper technology allows robots to safely and efficiently pick and pack food products while also increasing throughput and efficiency.

See the End-of-Arm Tooling page on this company's website.

Types of End-of-Arm Tooling

  • Mechanical End-of-Arm Tooling