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Tips For More Efficient Package And Product Handling

Feb 9, 2021
2 min read

1. Adjust hardware for precise settings.

Any type of feeding, inserting, collating, or placing requires precision settings. So ensure that all hardware is properly adjusted for the uninterrupted running of the line.

2. Scope your servo drive with the manufacturer’s software.

Perform this step early in the operation of the machine. Then periodically compare the torque scopes. If there is a significant increase in torque, look for trouble and exactly what is causing the increase in load. Look for bearing issues, rubbing, or other mechanical faults that will increase load.

3. Demand material consistency to spec.

Minor flaws in materials can contribute to minor stops, which are still avoidable. Make sure the supplier is giving you materials that meet published specs to make sure they don't cause downtime in the plant. Film with friction or skew variations in a flow wrapper can cause problems, so test to hold the vendor accountable.

4. Keep liquids free flowing.

The pipe section should be uniform as required by the volume or quantity. If gravity filling, ensure there is no starvation of liquid flow in the inlet side, and maintain uniform head pressure. If the liquid is viscous, maintain the fill temperature uniform, wherever applicable, and keep the piston pump leak proof. Don’t accept any dripping at bottom of filling tubes during machine downtime, and don’t accept any air bubbles during filling.

5. Adjust for powders and granular feeding.

Check your screw regularly for noise-free operation. Use the encoder setting or servo controller setting to check for volume. Check the stirrer RPM setting to adjust for the properties of different powders, and be sure to maintain the proper bulk density of the product. Frequently check the air evacuation arrangement, the static charge eliminator function, and the nitrogen flushing arrangement and its pressure.

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