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Bag Closing Equipment

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Machinery used to close any preformed bag, that is closed by a method usually other than heat sealing or sewing. Note: form/fill/seal machines are not included here. Are you planning to buy new bagging, pouching or wrapping equipment? Here are some guidelines for what to consider when planning your next purchase.

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Automatic and semi-automatic bag closers are types of packaging machinery used to quickly and securely close preformed bags or sacks on the production line. Bag closing equipment helps streamline production and ensure products arrive safely and securely to wherever they are headed. There are a few different types of bag closers beyond just automatic versus semi-automatic. Included in this group are various types of bag closers that don’t use heat sealing or sewing. To start, inline bag closing machines automatically close and discharge paper, plastic or woven bags of up to around 22 lbs. These bagging machines allow for product inventory consolidation into just a few large containers, working to conserve space. They’re also capable of both bottom and side bag closing, depending on the specific product needs. With all bag closers, the desired end result is a tight, secure seal that can handle a multitude of different types of bags and sacks used in applications such as food and medical packaging. There are also glue bag closers, which provide an optimal closing solution for paper, paper-plastic laminated, and other fabric material bags. These semi-automatic machines are dependable, efficient and economical. Glue bag closing machines also feature an adjustable pre-feeder that helps keep the pace with the overall operating speed, ensuring bags are securely glued shut at the correct time. Bulk bag, bulk tote and flexible intermediate bulk container bag closers come next. These are fully automatic closing machines used mainly to handle heavy-duty sacks. Also sometimes referred to as bulk industrial bag closers, these machines have been designed for large scale operations and are capable of closing many materials, including: paper, PP woven, PE non-woven, cotton, jute and more. Bulk bag closing machines also feature a self-calibration mechanism, which allows the machine’s settings to be precisely programmed to the exact parameters required for each size of sack used. There are also tote bag closers, which are ideal for closing plastic crates, bottles, containers and other open-top containers. Much like the aforementioned, these machines can be programmed to accurately close containers at different lengths, sizes and shapes, providing a great deal of flexibility. Another prominent feature of many is a mechanism that allows them to fill containers without completely opening the bag. Last, but certainly not least, we have tape over bag closers. This equipment provides an efficient and cost-friendly packaging solution, best suited for large cloth sacks or plastic bags. They come equipped with a heavy-duty sealer arm, along with a flexible guide rail and cut-off knife to ensure the bag is properly closed, with a professional, clean finish. The sealer is designed with a variable speed motor, allowing the operator to adjust the speed up or down, depending on the force necessary to close the bag. To quickly recap, both semi-automatic and automatic bag closing systems are integral components of the packaging process. Equipment such as inline bag machines, glue bag closers, bulk and industrial bag closers, tote bag closers and tape over bag closers, provide solutions for consolidating inventory, and packaging and shipping goods safely and cost effectively. With their associated cost-of-labor savings and advanced features, these machines can help manufacturing businesses seeking packaging process optimization. Check out the PMMI members that manufacture and supply bag closing equipment and machinery, right here on the PMMI ProSource directory.
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